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Whether you have a corporate office in China, conduct business in China or plan to in the future, it is critical for organizations to understand the impact of global compliance from the perspective of China’s antitrust laws. China is expected to become a first-tier antitrust jurisdiction alongside the US and Europe.

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German federal competition regulator the Bundeskartellamt (BKA) has announced a further €6.2 million in fines against 14 companies and 17 individuals in its cartel proceedings against concrete paving stone manufacturers.

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France's antitrust authority the Autorité de la concurrence (the Autorité) has announced that it has obtained the following commitments from single serve coffee capsule and machine brand Nespresso that address competition concerns raised with the Autorité by Nespresso machine-compatible coffee capsule makers DEMB and the Ethical Coffee Company:

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The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that it has approved final orders settling charges that the barcode resellers 680 Digital, together with its principal Philip Peretz (further information), and Jacob Alifraghis's business (further information) "invited competitors to join in a collusive scheme to raise the prices they charged for the barcodes".

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Mattress Maker Fined for Setting Retailers' Prices

27 Aug 2014
Written by World Watch

German federal competition regulator the Bundeskartellamt (BKA) has announced that it has fined foam manufacturer Recticel Schlafkomfort (Recticel) €8.2 million for "imposing resale price maintenance on retailers selling its products".

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A number of private equity firms have agreed to pay a total of US$325 million to settle allegations that they conspired with rival firms not to outbid one another for corporate takeovers.

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European Union (EU) competition regulator the European Commission has announced that it has fined France-based pharmaceutical company Servier and a group of generic medicine producers a total of €427.7 million for "concluding a series of deals all aimed at protecting Servier's bestselling blood pressure medicine, perindopril, from price competition by generics in the EU".

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The European Commission (EC) has announced that it has fined canned mushroom producers for their participation in "a cartel to coordinate prices and allocate [European customers] during more than a year".

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Settlement Reached in E-book Antitrust Case

26 Jun 2014
Written by World Watch

Apple Inc has agreed to settle a class action brought by United States regulators and other complainants in relation to alleged e-book pricefixing by Apple and five publishers.

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Two among seven private equity businesses have agreed to settle allegations that the businesses conspired not to outbid one another for the takeovers of eight companies that were executed for a total of more than US$100 billion.

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