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Unintended Consequences and Perverse Incentives

16 Jan 2013
Written by James D. Meacham

In the perfect, abstract world of traditional economics, everyone behaves in a way that maximizes his or her benefit and no one acts against his or her self-interest. Unfortunately, as the emergent field of behavioral economics has shown, human beings are remarkably unpredictable and given to myriad biases and random, non-rational (and irrational) influences.  This complicates the compliance and ethics professional’s job, especially with respect to incentives and discipline. Even more dishearteningly, even when we are able to predict initial effects, unintended consequences frequently exacerbate the very problem we were trying to solve.

Read this whitepaper to gain insights into:

  • best practices to adopt when planning, managing and rolling out an enterprise-wide business ethics training programme
  • top tips to follow to ensure a successful business ethics training programme
  • case studies demonstrating how global companies have rolled out proven business ethics programmes

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