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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines (GSK Vaccines) has agreed to pay US$172,900 to settle allegations that it breached the Clean Air Act (the CAA) by "fail[ing] to submit a risk management plan at its facility ... in Hamilton, Montana".

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has announced that it concluded an "enhanced adviser monitoring program" for Australian financial services licensee Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd (PIS).

Read this whitepaper to gain insight into the risks inherent in day-to-day settings that are conducive to exchanges of competitively sensitive information including:

  • When is it good to share information?
  • Why is this subject so problematic?
  • Why has the topic become increasingly important?
  • How Trade Association meetings can be a breeding ground for such activity
  • A 7-step compliance checklist of practical measures companies can take to manage the risk of information exchange
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Read the HFM Magazine article, featuring SAI Global's COO, GRC Solutions - Jan Kruger.

Managing low-dollar, high-volume claim denials associated with outpatient procedures is a challenge for many hospitals because of the expense involved in manually reviewing such denials. These denials are often the source of “hidden loss” for hospitals. For some hospitals, the most practical, cost-effective approach for managing low-dollar, high-volume claim denials will include the use of automated systems to monitor and highlight denials and expose trends.

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The primary goal of most Chief Compliance Officers is to decrease compliance risk by increasing ethical behavior. One of the most difficult questions in pursuit of that goal is how to measure progress. Unfortunately, ethical behavior can’t be directly measured, so the measurements compliance officers rely on are actually proxies for ethical behavior. For compliance programs that have reached a degree of maturity, surveys are among the most commonly used broad-based tool for measuring employee knowledge, attitudes, and buy-in regarding compliance and ethics.

The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has made available a Final Notice (19 December 2013) fining Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc (JLT Group) subsidiary JLT Specialty Ltd (JLTSL) £1.876 million for its failure to properly deploy its risk management checks in relation to its business with foreign entities over a period of three years.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation: Where to Start?

15 Oct 2013
Written by Asma Ghobriel

Many regulations have extended compliance programs beyond the borders of individual companies to related third parties. In particular, the supply chain has been subject to  additional rules and reporting and disclosure requirements.  Compliance officers must be wondering “where do I start?”

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Presented by:

Mary Frances Monroe

Senior Director - Trelient Risk Advisors, LLC

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Presented by:

Carol Stern, B.A, FLMI, AIRC, ACS

Senior Consultant - First Consulting Operational Compliance Practice

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Presented by:

Cliff Baker, Managing Partner - Meditology

Tyrone Jeffress, Manager - Meditology

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