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Users Sue Google Over "Misleading" Privacy Policy Change

Bloomberg reports that Google customers are suing the company, claiming that they were deceived by Google's new privacy rules. The complaint reportedly states that the class action represents "people who held Google accounts and mobile phones powered by its Android operating system from [19 August 2004] to until after 1 March 2012] when the new privacy policy went into effect". The complaint reportedly alleges that the changes in policy "violates Google's prior privacy policies, which deceived and misled consumers by stating that Google would not utilize information provided by a consumer in connection with his or her use of one service, with any other service, for any reason, without the user’s consent". The plaintiffs are reportedly seeking "damages for the alleged deception, as well as for alleged violation of the Computer Fraud Abuse Act and Stored Electronic Communications Act".

Bloomberg: Google customers sue over changes to privacy policy rules (22 March 2012)
(Source: Bloomberg)

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