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Telcos Warned for Breaching Industry Compliance Code

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has announced that it has formally warned 39 telecommunications service providers (undated) for their first-time breaches of cll. 9.3.1(a) (Customer Information Compliance Statement) and 9.4.1(a) (Compliance Attestation) of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (2012) (the TCP Code).

According to the ACMA, the companies failed to lodge compliance documents with the industry compliance body Communications Compliance by the specified deadline. ACMA chairperson Chris Chapman remarked that the warnings "reflect how serious the ACMA is about fostering a culture of TCP Code compliance by industry players".

The ACMA states that meanwhile "[i]nvestigations are continuing into the non-lodgement of documents by a number of telco providers already the subject of previous ACMA enforcement action".

Further information from ACMA
ACMA's media release (16 September 2014)
(Source: ACMA; Communications Alliance Ltd)

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