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A Social Concern

A Social Concern


As social media continues to become more ingratiated in our day to day lives, the use of social media in and out of the workplace has become a huge concern...

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The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) has released the press brief Facebook, Twitter & YouTube - What are you doing about Violence Against Women? (August 2014) which sets out APC-developed research into the corporate policies of the global social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to "analyse each platform's mechanism for identifying, reporting and rectifying incidents of harassment or [violence against women]".

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The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has released Guidance consultation - Social media and customer communications (August 2014) for public comment. The document sets out the FCA's proposed supervisory approach to financial promotions in social media.

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Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has commented on the social network service provider's role in a recently published study that examined the transfer of emotional states by "reducing the amount of emotional content in [Facebook users' view of their friends' content]" (further information).

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The Data Inspection Board (DIB) has made available Personal Information In Social Media (May 2014 - Swedish language version available only), a guide detailing the requirements under data protection law imposed upon organisations that use social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Flickr and Pinterest.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced that it has obtained a Court order to freeze accounts belonging to Mutual Wealth, which the SEC alleges (25 February 2014) has been "exploiting investors through a website and social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, falsely promising extraordinary returns of [2-3%] per week for investors who open accounts with the firm".

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The United Kingdom (UK) Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has urged organisations to ensure they have "a clear personal device at work policy", highlighting a recent incident in which a Royal Veterinary College (RVC) worker lost a digital camera containing the images of six RVC applicants.

Snapchat Inc (Snapchat) has apologised (9 January 2014) to so-called "Snapchatters", the users of its eponymous smartphone-based social media service, after advising (2 January 2014) them of a security breach that occurred in December 2013.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has made available its Sustainability Reporting 2013 (undated) (the report), which "[m]easur[es] and communicat[es] [CBA's] progress across all sustainability-related areas". The report chapter titled Responsible financial services indicates that the total number of customer complaints received by CBA in 2013 was 446,224, representing a 66% increase from the figure for 2012, which in turn was more than seven times the figure for 2011.

Judge Richard Seeborg in the United States (US) District Court for the Northern District of California has approved a US$20 million settlement by Facebook of a class action which claimed that certain advertisements displayed on Facebook's social network service breached users' privacy.

FTC Guidance - Hacked Email

08 Aug 2013
Written by World Watch

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched the resource Hacked Email (July 2013), which contains guidance from the FTC regarding the identification of signs a social media or email account may have been hacked, as well as how to respond to a hack once it occurs.

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