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The holiday season is approaching, and with it come the risks associated with the giving and receiving of gifts - risks that are significantly heightened when employees and business partners are unaware of your corporate stance and policies associated with Gifts & Hospitality.


With this season of increased risk in mind, SAI Global is excited to offer complimentary use of one of our video-based ethical awareness tools - intended for all organizations seeking to raise employee awareness of conflicts of interest risks (specifically around the practice of giving and receiving gifts) and taking steps to foster their ethics programs.

1,400 titles

Learning and awareness segments such as this, and the more than 1,400 titles available in the SAI Global Compliance and Ethics library, are proven to assist in generating interest in your compliance learning programs and in delivering meaningful and evidenced examples of communicating your corporate Code and policies to employees, partners and third-party associates.

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SAI Global clients use our compliance and awareness tools in a variety of creative ways. You may want to use this Ethical Moments awareness tool:

  • To kick-off corporate Town Hall meetings
  • To publish on your corporate intranet
  • As a featured link in your corporate e-newsletter
  • As an embedded file in your e-mail signature
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    Our Library
    Inspire ethical decision-making with SAI Global's robust and flexible compliance and ethics training and awareness library that looks and feels like your brand, engages your employees and business partners with relevant content and intuitive design.
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    Our free Ethical Awareness tool is available immediately for all organizations seeking to raise employee awareness and take steps to foster their ethics programs. Complimentary use will remain open through January 1, 2015. View the Ethical Moment now!
    We invite you to preview the awareness tool. If you like what you see, we’ll provide a direct access link for free distribution and use throughout your organization.
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