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Educational and Entertaining!

Another important part of an engaging and effective program

Building on our history of introducing innovative approaches to deliver engaging compliance messages, these highly effective video animations were developed to maximize awareness and retention. Whiteboard Ethical Moments® are a great balance of both entertainment and education.

We understand that the expectations of learning experiences are evolving, both among compliance professionals and the employees at their organizations. As employee populations grow in size, diversity, and exposure to compliance activities, we strongly feel that diversifying the mediums by which key messages are delivered is necessary to maintain maximum program impact.

These short, learner-centric, videos are easy to incorporate into your compliance program. They can be used as a stand-alone communication in your awareness campaigns or as part of a traditional course experience to keep your program both fresh and effective!

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Increase Program Effectiveness

Our extensive library of globally relevant risk content, and growing range of learning and communication tools, enables us to shape programs that educate and resonate with employees, partners, and third parties at any organization. Offering over 1,400 titles and a variety of formats, visual styles, and durations, we recognize that one size does not fit all. We partner with our clients to tailor their compliance and ethics learning and awareness initiatives to suit their unique business and culture.

An Easy Enhancement to Your Program

This widely applicable and relatable content is available to enhance your program now!

  • Designed for mobile access, our new solutions enable organizations to meet employees where they consume other information
  • Available now in our top languages
  • Quick and easy customization options

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    Whiteboard Ethical Moments leave a positive impression of Compliance Programs on the company’s employees and leadership. And since they are short, the burden on the learner’s time is minimized.
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    Flexible Deployment

    SAI Global offers multiple delivery options, including:

  • Assign as a required part of a curriculum through SAI’s Learning Management System, or your own.
  • Distribute via link in an email, newsletter, or intranet site and track total views.
    Let’s talk about how Whiteboard Ethical Moments can enhance your program!
    We invite you to preview this innovative new awareness tool and discuss the positive impact it can have on your organization.
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