Company Fined for Breaching Biofuel Obligations

The UK Renewable Fuels Agency (RFA) has announced that it has fined Yorkshire Petroleum Company Ltd (Yopec) £50,000 for failing to meet its obligations under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order (15 April 2009), which requires companies that supply in excess of “450,000 litres of diesel or petrol for road transport in the UK to match the fossil fuel they supply with a fixed percentage of biofuel”, and also report on “the carbon intensity and sustainability credentials of that fuel”. Yopek did not comply with these requirements despite being fully aware of the obligations, giving it a significant advantage over companies that did meet such obligations. Two other companies, Aral Direkt and Total Additifs et Carburants Speciaux, also failed to register under the order and have received penalties of £5,000 each.
RFA’s media release (11 January 2011)
(Source: RFA)