Cyber Security in Crisis

According to The Australian, a leaked report analysing Australia’s information security has concluded that insufficient protection of critical infrastructure and electronic networks is a serious weakness in national security. The Kokoda Foundation reportedly stated that there is poor public understanding of the scale of the cyber threat as well as “the potential impact of that threat on personal and national wellbeing”. The Kokoda Foundation also noted that “Australia has the fifth-highest level of malware infections in the world”. According to The Australian, the report’s authors have urged the government to appoint a National Security Adviser as part of an overall “whole-of-nation, government-led integrated long-term National Cyber Strategy and Plan”, as Australia is at a “tipping point where the current trajectory of cyber responses is being rapidly outpaced by the evolving threat”.
The Australian: Hackers make a mockery of government security (3 January 2011)
(Source: The Australian)