PepsiCo UK Sets Out Environmental Targets

PepsiCo UK and Ireland has made available its second Environmental sustainability report (January 2011) which covers the areas of climate change, agriculture, water use and PepsiCo Products. The company has set a target to be fossil fuel free by 2023 and will increase its total electricity share from renewable energy sources to 14% over the next three years. The company is targeting a 50% reduction in the agricultural carbon emissions and water impact of key growers by 2015. The company holds a long term ambition of “[unplugging] PepsiCo UK operations from the water grid achieving zero water intake at our largest manufacturing sites within [ten] years” and is also working towards achieving zero landfill waste across the supply chain within the same period.
Further information from PepsiCo UK
PepsiCo UK’s media release (14 January 2011)
(Source: PepsiCo UK)