News Corp Criticized for Lack of Transparency

Bloomberg reports that News Corporation faces scrutiny over the Management and Standards Committee it recently established to deal with the fall-out of the phone-hacking scandal that engulfed the media empire in July 2011. According to Bloomberg, corporate governance experts have criticised the committee’s lack of independence and transparency, given that two members were executives at News International throughout the hacking scandal. Yale University School of Management Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld reportedly said that News Corporation should have appointed independent investigators, and that the company “has a history, obviously, of disappointing internal reviews”.
Bloomberg: Murdoch’s News Corp. Cleanup Effort Draws Fire Over Independence, Mandate (5 August 2011)

In related news, Bloomberg reports that UK Information Commissioner Christopher Graham has called for custodial sentences to be imposed for using stolen personal data, to discourage the actions leading to the recent phone-hacking scandal.
Bloomberg: Phone-Hacking Shows Jail Needed for Data Theft, U.K. Privacy Chief Says (30 July 2011) 
(Source: Bloomberg)