Poll Reveals Appeal of Whistleblower Incentives

According to a recent poll, 78% of Americans would report wrongdoing in the workplace as long as they could do so anonymously, avoid retaliation and collect a reward like the one offered by the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new whistleblower program. As part of the new Dodd-Frank Act financial regulations, the SEC has established a whistleblower program that offers individuals up to 30% of the penalties collected by the SEC stemming from information that the individual provides. According to the same poll, 68% of those polled did not know the new whistleblower program existed. In a report released by the SEC in November, 334 whistleblower tips were received in the seven weeks between the new program taking effect and the end of the SEC’s fiscal year.
Yahoo: Majority of Americans would blow whistle: poll (12 December 2011)
(Source: Reuters)