Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Coca-Cola Appoints First Chief Sustainability Officer

The Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola) has announced that Beatriz Perez will be the company’s first chief sustainability officer as of 1 July 2011. The new role requires Ms Perez to integrate Coca-Cola’s “sustainability initiatives in the areas of water, climate protection, packaging and recycling, and community through a new global Office of Sustainability”.
Coca-Cola’s media release (19 May 2011)
(Source: Coca-Cola)

Facebook Steps Up Fight Against Child Pornogaphy

Cnet reports that Facebook has joined the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children’s PhotoDNA Program, developed by Microsoft Research and Dartmouth College in 2009, to ensure that child pornography is not circulated through its site. Facebook chief security officer Joe Sullivan reportedly said that the company is “devot[ing] significant resources to developing innovative systems to proactively monitor the site for suspicious activity and the rare cases of illegal content” to protect “the many young people” who use Facebook.
Cnet: Microsoft and Facebook team up to fight child porn (20 May 2011)
(Source: cnet)

ADB Provides Credit Guarantees to Encourage Green Buildings
Asia Pacific

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced that it will provide CNY300 million in credit guarantees to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPDB) “to support private-sector financing of energy-efficient buildings” across China. This makes SPDB the first Chinese partner to participate in an ADB program, under which financial institutions are encouraged to lend to companies to construct “green buildings” designed to optimise energy and water efficiency over the buildings’ lifespan.
ADB’s media release (16 May 2011)
(Source: ADB)

TD Bank Unveils First Net-Zero Energy Bank

TD Bank has announced that on 13 May 2011 it opened its first net-zero energy bank in the US, “an energy-efficient building with 400 solar panels that will produce in a year at least as much renewable power as the total energy it uses”. The store will use about 97,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per year to function, but will generate at least 100,000 kWh a year on site. The new facility is based on TD Bank’s green-store design standard, which makes its new stores almost 50% more energy efficient than the bank’s previous design.
Further information from TD Bank
TD Bank’s media release (1 February 2011)
(Source: TD Bank)

Alcoa Exceeds Carbon Reduction Goal

Alcoa has made available its 2010 Sustainability Report (undated), which states that the company has exceeded its 2020 carbon reduction goal achieved by, among other things, repositioning operations to avail of clean hydroelectric power.

Targets achieved include:

  •  ”Alcoa Global Primary Products lowered its CO2 intensity by 7 percent over 2009 levels and achieved a 22 percent reduction over 2005 levels, exceeding [its] 2020 goal of a 20 percent reduction”;
  • “Alcoa ended 2010 with 82 percent of locations reporting zero lost workdays and 48 percent with no recordable injuries”;
  • “Alcoa received silver-level Cradle to Cradle® Certification for primary aluminium” for “sustainability of its metal, from initial production through use and then recycling”; and
  • The company received the top spot in the basic resources category in the Covalence Ethical Rankings and fifteenth out of the 581 companies tracked for the 2010 ranking.

Alcoa’s media release (11 May 2011)
(Source: Alcoa)