Facebook Introduces New Privacy Tools
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Facebook introduced new privacy tools this week intended to help users control what they share with the public. According to company officials, the changes will simplify the process of establishing whom users allow profile access and what user information is shared with “friends.” The new tools are a drastic change from Facebook historical approach to privacy, in which almost all content was shared with the public unless the user explicitly opted out of sharing specific content.
New York Times: New Control Over Privacy on Facebook (23 August 2011)
(Source: New York Times)

World Bank Removes Firm from Blacklist Early for Compliance Improvements
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Lahmeyer International GmbH (Lahmeyer) has been removed from the World Bank’s blacklist two years early after making significant improvements to their compliance program. Beginning in 2010, the World Bank added rewards to its sanctions program for companies that swiftly strengthened their compliance program after being debarred for fraud or corruption. Lahmeyer is the first company to have their suspension cut short since the rewards program began. Lahmeyer was suspended from bidding on World Bank contracts in 2006 after it bribed an official at the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority in exchange for lucrative government contracts from Lesotho and South Africa. According to the World Bank, Lahmeyer was reinstated early because it “satisfactorily adopted and implemented to date its compliance management system.”
Wall Street Journal: A First: World Bank Ends Debarment Early, Citing Good Compliance. (17 August 2011)
(Source: Wall Street Journal)

iPhone Faces Privacy Lawsuit
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Jurist reports that over 26,000 iPhone users have joined in a lawsuit against Apple for alleged breaches of privacy. The lawsuit claims that applications installed on iPhones by Apple illegally collected location data, violating Articles 10 and 17 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea. The plaintiffs are seeking KRW1 million each (approximately US$933) in damages.
Jurist: South Korea iPhone customers file class action against Apple over data collection (18 August 2011)
(Source: Jurist; National Assembly of the Republic of Korea)

Prosecutor Gives Google Ultimatum
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Bloomberg reports that Belgium’s federal prosecutor has offered Google the chance to settle charges that it breached privacy laws when it collected information from unsecure wireless networks. The company has reportedly been advised that a payment of €150,000 will end proceedings, but if Google fails to respond within three months the matter may go to court, where higher fines and a prison sentence could be imposed. Google spokesperson Anthony House reportedly said that the company was considering the offer, and iterated Google’s regret at the inadvertent data collection.
Bloomberg: Google Given Chance to Settle Belgian Case Over Street View (18 August 2011)
(Source: Bloomberg)

Encouraging Ethical Outcomes in Tourism
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

The Guardian has made available Integrating ethics into tourism: beyond codes of conduct (25 August 2011), authored by International Tourism Partnership programme manager Francesca Leadley. The article outlines “a range of increasingly pressing challenges” for the tourism industry, including balancing industry growth while dealing with it’s impact on local cultures and the environment.
(Source: The Guardian)